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History Roadshow 2024
- Irish america

Our 2024 roadshow will feature a unique series of presentations from some of Ireland’s best-known presenters and authors – with the series launching on the weekend of April 19-21 with a special festival in Ashford Castle.

Pegasus Media, the producers of RTÉ’s History Show, and the event team behind the long-running History Roadshow, is proud to announce “Irish-America” as the theme of its 2024 tour.

This year, a US Presidential Election year, is also the centenary of official Irish-American diplomatic relations. On October 7, 1924 the first Irish 'ambassador' presented credentials to US President Coolidge.

Over the intervening century, a special bond has grown up. Ireland’s membership of the EU, an educated, English-speaking workforce, a business-friendly environment and an understanding that, for many generations of Irish families, Boston is the "next parish over" -  all of these are reasons for the enduring relationship of Irish-America.

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