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Ashford Castle, County Mayo, is to host its first history festival, in collaboration with the Pegasus History 100 roadshow. David McCullagh, Myles Dungan and Turtle Bunbury will be the star turns as the famous venue welcomes guests for a history weekend.

This year Ireland celebrates the 1922 Centenary of Irish Independence, and at Ashford Castle the occasion will be marked with a unique hotel offer that history buffs will love.

The Ireland history series is at Ashford Castle, April 8-10, 2022.

Guests of the Irish Centenary package will enjoy three enthralling history lectures by celebrated Irish historians David McCullagh, Myles Dungan and Turtle Bunbury. Exclusive to Ashford Castle and spread out over the two days, the speakers will give a 60-minute talk on topics related to life in Ireland a century ago. Each lecture at Ashford Castle will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A for guests who wish to pick the minds of Ireland’s best-known historical authors.


Friday, April 8 , 5pm, Myles Dungan: What did you do in the War of Independence, Grandad?

Saturday, April 9, 11am, David McCullagh: The Long Fellow versus the Big Fellow

Saturday, April 9, 4pm, Turtle Bunbury: The Irish Diaspora – Tales of Emigrants, Exile & Empire

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